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Dear Friends and Sponsors,

It was such a pleasure to be reacquainted with you all last summer, even as we struggled with the ebbs and flows due to COVID-19. We cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support and patience as we took on a polo season like never before. We also said farewell to two important people here at the Flying H as Jimmy Newman and Bobbi Stribling retired. This year Will Johnston and myself are determined to do our best to fill the big shoes that were left behind for us. We are very excited for all the new possibilities moving forward as we take over. As we begin to plan and look forward to our 17th year of polo here at one of the most incredible polo clubs in the country, we reflect on what an incredible summer we had last year, despite all of the challenges with COVID. We are hopeful that this summer will be even better. As always we thank you deeply for your continuous generosity and support. None of what we are able to do would be possible without all of you.

Our first match this year will be held on Thursday, July 8th with the final match on Saturday, August 28th.  This year we are hopeful to be able to host our annual welcome party, which all team sponsors are invited to attend following the July 8th opening day match. We have sixteen team sponsorships available with opportunities twice every Saturday at the 1pm & 3pm matches. We also have two additional game sponsorships; The Archie MacCarty Cup, an exciting game that gives young aspiring players the opportunity to play together in a youth tournament; and The Skeeter Johnston Sportsman of the Year. Every year in Skeeter’s honor, we recognize someone who is truly a pleasure on and off the field.

In addition to team sponsorships, we have added the opportunity to sponsor the goal posts on the 3pm field for the season. With only two goals per field, this sponsorship is limited and is a prime location to advertise your company all summer long. This year as well, we will not only be distributing our annual program locally and at games, but nationally as well.  Our program, which includes so many local businesses ads, will now be sent out to the United States Polo Associations weekly newsletter which reaches the clubs 4,500 active member as well as the 250 affiliated clubs across the country.

Finally, with everything the community has been through this past year, especially with COVID, we continue to be amazed by the support and participation in the club by our local families and businesses.  It was so wonderful to be able to host a place where families and friends could gather safely last summer and we hope things will be more familiar this upcoming season. However, not knowing what the future holds, we will strive to do our best to show you all a fantastic season filled with fun and excitement for everyone. We also give our deepest appreciation to the Johnston Family and all the members of the Ranch who put so much effort into making our season a success. We look forward to sharing the 2021 Polo Season with you all!


Hayley Klintworth
Director of Marketing and Public Relations


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