Flying H Polo Club

Summer Polo League Schedule at Flying H Polo Club

Goose Creek Cup
Sponsored by Downtown Sheridan Association

Sunday, July 28, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - Skeeter Field

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Bud Light defeated Coca-Cola 10-8
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Bud Light  
Frankie Bilbao 5 Sugar Erskine


Jason Crowder 6 Shane Rice 4
Julian de Lusarreta 8 Miguel Astrada 9
Steve Krueger 4 Jeff Blake 6
  25   23

Winners Left to Right: Jim Mowry, Jay Martinson, Sugar Erskine, Shane Rice, Peg Martin, Miguel Astrada, Jeff Blake, Zoila Perry, Paula Whitworth, Chris Carroll, and Megan Cook. The two girls in front are Piper Campbell and Adeline Campbell

Both Teams Left to Right: Jim Mowry, Jay Martinson, Julian De Lusaretta, Steve Krueger, Jason Crowder, Peg Martin, Frankie Bilbao, Zoila Perry, Paula Whitworth, Sugar Erskine, Shane Rice, Miguel Astrada, Megan Cook, Jeff Blake, Robby Smith, and Chris Carroll

MVP: Sugar Erskine with Peg Martin and Zoila Perry

Best Playing Pony: “Twiggs” with Frankie Bilbao, Zoila Perry, Miguel Lopez & Danny Vilche

Photos by Bobbi Stribling