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Everglades Challenge
Subsidiary of the Skeeter Johnston Memorial Cup

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Saturday, August 4, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - Fordyce Field
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Jan Pamela defeated Sonny Hill 11-10
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Jan Pamela (Blue)
Sonny Hill (Red)  
Wayne Garrison A Curtis Pilot


Hector Gallindo 5 Francisco Lanusse 6
Julian de Lusarreta 8 Sugar Erskine 6
KC Kureger 1

Stevie Orthwein

14   16

Umpires: Carlos Galindo and Shane Rice

Winners left to right: Jan Pamela – Wayne Garrison, Julian De Lusarreta, Bev Grady, Kelly Beal w/ grandson Carty Krueger, & Hector Galindo.

Both Teams left to right: Sugar, Caden & Ash Erskine w/ cousin, Stevie Orthwein, Francisco Lanusse, Curtis Pilot w/ Carty Krueger, Bev Grady, Julian De Lusarreta, Wayne Garrison, Kelly Beal & Hector Galindo.

MVP: Wayne Garrison.

BPP “ Camillo” Owned and played by Wayne Garrison Sponsored by Perks Horspital w/ Joaquin Montoya, Arturo Camacho & Perk Connell.