Flying H Polo Club

Summer Polo League Schedule at Flying H Polo Club

Wagon Box Cup
a Subsidiary of the Bozeman Trail Cup
Sponsored by Wyoming Roofing & Supply

Saturday, August 6, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - Fordyce Field
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Jan Pamela defeated Gainsway 11-10
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Jan Pamela (Blue)
Gainsway (White)  
Wayne Garrison 1 Andrew Beck


Hector Galindo 5 Steve Dalton 2
Lucas Arellano 1 Gonzalo de la Fuente 3
Julio Arellano 8 Miguel Astrada 9
  14   15

Umpires: Carlos Galindo and Carlucho Arellano

Left to right; Steve & Stella Dalton, Gonzalo & Josefina de la Fuente, Miguel Astrada, Andrew Beck w/ Ryan & Bonnie Greggory of Wyoming Roofing, Wayne Garrison, Julio Arellano w/ Filomena Arellano, Lucas Arellano w/ Francisco Arellano & Hector Galindo.

Left to right; Carol & Carly Craig, Ryan & Coye Greggory, Wayne Garrison, Julio Arellano, Lucas Arellano, Hector Galindo, Bonnie, Sam & Dalton Greggory.

MVP – Andrew Beck - Sponsored by Perks Horspital w/ Perk Connell.

Best Playing Pony - “MARIO” Owned by G-String Polo, played by Miguel Astrada Sponsored by Perks Horspital w/ Perk Connell & Miguel Lagos.

Photos by Bobbi Stribling