Flying H Polo Club

Summer Polo League Schedule at Flying H Polo Club

Gallatin Ranch Cup
Sponsored by Mirr Ranch Group

Sunday, August 14, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - Skeeter Field
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Jan Pamela defeated Bozeman Trail Gallery 12-11
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Bozeman Trail Gallery (Green)
Jan Pamela (Blue)  
Curtis Pilot A Wayne Garrison


Frankie Bilbao 5 Sugar Erskine 7
Gonzalo Teves 4 Cacho Galindo 2
Chip Campbell 2 Hector Galindo 5
  11   14

Umpires: Carlos Galindo and Francisco Lanusse

Left to right; Hector Galindo, Sugar Erskine, Cacho Galindo, Wayne Garrison w/ Hunter Stone, Jace Skovgard, Cameron & Kannon Brown w/ Mirr Ranch Group, Curtis Pilot, Frankie Bilbao, Gonzalo, Santos & Filipe Teves & Chip Campbell.

Left to right; Hector Galindo, Sugar Erskine, Cacho Galindo & Wayne Garrison

MVP - Sponsored by Peak Powersports – Hector Galindo w/ Duffy & Kannon Brown

BPP - Sponsored by Perks Horspital – “BLUE JEANS” Hector, Mili & Brianna Galindo

Photos by Bobbi Stribing