Flying H Polo Club

Summer Polo League Schedule at Flying H Polo Club

Goose Creek Cup
Sponsored by Downtown Sheridan Association

Sunday, July 31, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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Coca-Cola defeated Bud Light 6-5
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Bud Light  
Carlucho Arellano 5 Shane Rice


Hector Galindo 5 Frankie Bilbao 5
Sugar Erskine 7 Jeff Blake 6
Julio Arellano 8 Miguel Astrada 9
  25   24

Umpires: Carlos Galindo and Cacho Galindo

Both Teams; left to right; Hector Galindo w/ Beth Holsinger, Sugar Erskine, Spencer Kraft,  Julio Arellano, Carlucho, Filomena & Francisco Arellano, w/Jenny Loomis,  Frankie Bilbao, Jeff Blake, Miguel, Mora & Azul Astrada & Shane Rice.

Winners; Coca-Cola
Left to right - Hector Galindo w/ Beth Holsinger, Julio Arellano, w/ Jenny Loomis, Carlucho Arellano & Sugar Erskine

MVP; Sugar Erskine - Sponsored by  Kraft’s Fine Jewelry & Citizen -
Sugar Erskin w/ Kailey Loomis, Spencer & Steve Kraft w/ Kraft’s Fine Jewelry

BPP – Sponsored by DSA, Koltista Whiskey & Northwest Vintage – “MUSIC” Owned by Sugar Erskine w/ Beth Holsinger & Jenny Loomis W/ Downtown Sheridan Association

Long Ball Hitter; Sugar Erskine w/ Leslie Johnston

Photos by Bobbi Stribling