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Summer Polo League Schedule at Flying H Polo Club

Match Game - Gallatin Ranch Cup
Sponsored by Mirr Ranch Group


Thursday, July 9, 2015 @ 11:00 am - Gallatin Field
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No Trees defeated Villalges 9-7
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No Trees (Blue)
Villages (White)  
Craig Duke A Wayne Garrison


Brad Blake 4 Hector Galindo 5
Julio Arellano 8 Francisco Lanusse 6
W. Harlow/C. Deal 1 James Parr 1
  13   12

Umpires: Carlos Galindo & Sugar Erskine

NO TIME OUTS WILL BE GIVEN TO CHANGE HORSES The three winners from today’s games will be in the SHOOTOUT Friday morning at 9:00am to determine who will advance to the finals on Saturday.